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Video Marketing

In recent years with increased speed internet (ADSL, 3G, 4G) and the increasing development of smart phones and tablets, and thus more easily for viewing video files, user behavior has changed and in the current situation videos are the most popular content on the internet which audiences show great interest to them.

Sites growth like Aparat, Namasha and TV Plus in Iran over the past year indicates the importance for brands and companies to produce video content in order to introduction of services, products, and their field of activity.

A large number of leading world companies has been named 2015 to the year of video marketing and prestigious brands are used video marketing as a way of influencing the growth of their business


The advantage of video marketing are as follows:

Authenticate brand and company

Convenient and quick user familiarity with your products and services

A positive impact on SEO and high interest of search engines to video content

Encourage users and increasing share in the social networks such as Telegram and Instagram

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